WFCDD Request for Applications- NOW OPEN 

The Warren Center for Drug Discovery invites new proposals for pilot projects that are associated with drug discovery. In particular, projects associated with small molecule synthesis (libraries or molecular probes), hit validation, lead optimization, mid-sized scale up, assay development, protein purification, and ADMET screening.  Any disease areas will be considered. Collaborative opportunities exist for the preparation of small molecules and/or computational-derived drug discovery via three cores: Chemical Synthesis& Drug Discovery, Computer-Aided Molecular Design, or Biological Screening and Development core.



The Center is looking to expand its interactions and collaborations on campus by providing resources (<$25,000) available within the core to support new and existing collaborations that utilize the core’s strength and expertise. No more than 3 applications will be funded during this initial period.


Deadline for submission: November 15,2019 (5pm EDT)

Award Notification: December 1, 2019.

See the Full RFA Announcement Here: Warren RFA 2019

Applications should be submitted as .PDF files via email to