Chemistry-Biochemistry-Biology Interface Seminar Schedule 2023-2024 (Thursdays, 2:00-3:00 pm) B01 McCourtney Hall



Speaker 1

Speaker 2

September 21

Christian Melander

Kin Sing Lee, Michigan State University.

“The Role of Cytochrome P450 Metabolism of Dietary Fatty Acids on Neurodegeneration”

October 5

Christian Melander

Alex Deiters, University of Pittsburgh, “Breaking and Making, Covalent Bonds in Cells and Animals”

October 12

Christian Melander

Paul Dunman, University of Rochester, "Messenger RNA Stabilizing Agents (MRSA) vs. MRSA"

October 19


Fall Break – No Seminar

November 2

Brittany Morgan

José A. Rodríguez-Martínez, University of Puerto Rico- Río Piedras,

“Prioritizing non-coding mutations impacting gene regulatory elements for in vitro evaluation”

November 9

Christian Melander

Herman Sintim, Purdue University

“Novel chemotypes of kinase inhibitors for the potential treatment of recurrent cancers”

November 16

Jordan Chasteen

Marty Giedlin, Senti Biosciences

“My Journey in Developing Adoptive Cell Therapies”

November 30

Juan Del Valle

Jordan Chasteen (biochemistry, Smith lab)"Fluorescent Artificial Signal Transduction: FAST"

William Castillo ( biochemistry, Goodson, lab) “Analysis of Eutrophic Water Samples via Flow Injection Analysis”

December 7

Shahriar Mobashery

Professor Karen Draths, Michigan State University.

"New Pathways for Commodity Chemical Synthesis from Methane and Carbon Dioxide"

January 18

Christian Melander

Gerry Wright, McMaster University

“Resistance-Guided Antibiotic Discovery”

February 1

Brittany Morgan

John Schneekloth, NIH -canceled

February 15

Mayland Chang

Andrew Gutierrez (IBMS, Blagg lab) “Development of Mitochondrial-Targeting Small Molecules for the Treatment of TRAP1-dependent Diseases”


February 29

Holly Goodson

Hannah Marietta (chemistry, M. Champion lab)

Tyelor Reynolds (biochemistry, Blagg lab)

March 7

Juan Del Valle

Avraz Anwar (chemistry, Del Valle lab)


March 14


Spring Break – No seminar

March 21

Michael Ferdig

Kip Guy,

University of Kentucky

March 28

Mary Ann McDowell

Praise Chukwunalu Chukwuma (IBMS, Baker lab)

Amr El-Araby (biochemistry, Mobashery lab)

April 4

Shahriar Mobashery

Renee Bouley, The Ohio State University at Marion

“Investigating the Role of L, D-transpeptidases in Antibiotic Resistance”

April 11

Christian Melander

Joseph Fox, University of Delaware

April 18

Brian Blagg

Shaomeng Wang, University of Michigan

April 19

Christian Melander

Manuel de Lera Ruiz, Merck

“What a Molecule Needs to Be a Drug? The Invention of MK-7602 as a Case Study”

April 25

Matt Champion

Jingdong Yang (biochemistry Chang & Mobashery labs)

Kevin Catalfano (biochemistry, Blagg lab)

CBBI Symposium

May 15th-16th

Christian Melander

Gunda I. Georg, University of Minnesota







Chemistry-Biochemistry-Biology Interface Seminar Schedule 2023 (Thursdays, 2:00-3:00 pm) B01 McCourtney Hall



Speaker 1

Speaker 2

February 2

Juan Del Valle

Tyelor Reynolds (biochemistry, Brian Blagg lab)Development of the First Extracellular Hsp90α-selective Inhibitors”

William Castillo (biochemistry, Holly Goodson lab) "The Application of a Yeast Based Assay for the Measurement of Bioavailable Phosphorus (BAP)"

February 16

Choon Kim 

Aimee Shen, Tufts University 

"Waking the Dead: Structural analyses of Regulators of Clostridioides difficile Spore Germination.”

March 2

Holly Goodson

Kevin Catalfano (biochemistry, Brian Blagg lab)

Amr El-Araby (Biochemistry, Shahriar Mobashery lab)

March 16


Spring Break – No seminar

March 30

Brian Blagg

Professor Mark  Farrell

University of Kansas

April 13

Brian Blagg 

Professor Dennis Liotta, Emory University  

April 27

Christian Melander

Professor Babak Borhan, Michigan State University

May 11

Brian Blagg

Professor Philip Low, Purdue University

May 15 & 16

CBBI Symposium

Christian Melander

Professor David Margolis, University of North Carolina School of Medicine