Second Chance Grant Funding

Richard Taylor

Give Your Application a Second Chance With OnPAR

If your meritorious application misses NIH's payline, a new private-public partnership pilot called Online Partnership to Accelerate Research (OnPAR) could offer a second chance to receive funding.

How OnPAR Helps


OnPAR presents your qualifying application's abstract to interested private biomedical foundations, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and other life sciences companies (OnPAR does not fund applications directly). Leidos Health Life Sciences facilitates the OnPAR program for NIH. All grant activity codes are eligible for OnPAR funding.

These organizations choose applications for further consideration, select those they might want to fund, and negotiate funding with the applicants.

For this pilot, OnPAR has started with seven funding organizations on the Members list.

You should Register now even if your area of science may not match the interests of the current members. The OnPAR team will add more members regularly. Over one hundred additional foundations are interested in joining, as well as a half-dozen pharmaceutical companies.

From Registration to Funding

To have your application considered, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have your summary statement from NIH.
  • Your application scored within the top 30th percentile of your study section.
  • You applied for a due date of May 25, 2015, or later.
  • Provide application information when you register with OnPAR.

See OnPAR's How to Apply for more details on the process.

Because the funding organizations have finite resources, they may not match the indirect costs that NIH would normally pay. They may also offer to partially fund the project or provide a small bridge grant award.

More Information

See OnPAR's Frequently Asked Questions and email questions to

Also, check out the Open Mike blog post A Pilot Partnership to Find Private Support for Unfunded Applications.