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Welter Family Fellowship

Veronica Hubble, a graduate student in the Melander lab, is the first recipient of the Welter Family graduate fellowship for research on Cystic Fibrous. The Welter Family Fellowship in Science provides financial support to conduct research during the 2019 academic year. This fellowship is aimed at facilitating discoveries in cystic fibrosis research, which can include mechanistic studies, drug development, and/or related diseases that affect those with CF (eg. infections of the lung). Veronica’s proposal was entitled “Using small molecule adjuvants to combat antibiotic resistant bacteria in cystic fibrosis.”

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Spring 2019 The Warren Roundup

As the 2018 academic year comes to an end, a summary of this year's accomplishments is provided in the annual Warren Roundup. First of all, several lead compounds have been identified by Notre Dame researchers and are undergoing preclinical evaluation, in hopes of identifying investigational new drugs (IND) for clinical evaluation.  …

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