Funding Opportunity through Indiana CTSI Molecular Therapeutics Program

Rich Taylor

Molecular Therapeutics Program Early Stage Drug Discovery Support

Seed funding, up to $10,000, and advice is available for researchers seeking to develop early stage drug discovery projects. 


The Molecular Therapeutics Program, a part of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, seeks applications for a competitive program that will provide funds and essential consultation to support the early stage development of therapeutics. This opportunity is provided in concert with the newly established Indiana Drug Discovery Alliance (IDDA), a clearinghouse for drug discovery and development resources at the Indiana-CTSI member institutions of Indiana University, Purdue University and the University of Notre Dame.

INFORMATION FOR APPLICANTS: The Molecular Therapeutics Program will support new collaborations and/or the use of core facilities that enable the translation of fundamental research related to drug discovery. Critical project feedback will be provided from a team of experienced industry and academic experts on the group's internal advisory committee, as well as through ad-hoc, project-specific pharmaceutical expert reviewers.

A detailed budget is not required at this time. Support projects will develop a budget of up to $15,000 in consultation with the IDDA.

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