Welter Family Graduate Fellowship

Apply for a Welter Family graduate fellowship for research on Cystic Fibrosis
Applications are due August 13, 2021.

Recently, the Welter Family started an endowment aimed at facilitating discoveries in
cystic fibrosis research, which can include mechanistic studies, drug development,
and/or related diseases that affect those with CF (eg., infections of the lung). The Welter

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Spring 2018 Warren Roundup Published

Welcome to the first edition of the Warren Roundup, wherein an attempt is made to summarize accomplishments by members of the Warren Family Research Center for Drug Discovery. In addition, you will find below a succinct summary of the services provided by each of the three scientific cores (synthesis, computational, and biological). Not only do I invite you to provide updates for inclusion in upcoming issues, but I also encourage you to learn more about the Warren Center cores and how they can help expedite your research.…

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